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TOSA INU - Katashi Katsu - kennel, Chinzei, Asuka

Welcome to KATASHI KATSU website.

Our kennel is dedicated to breeding the Japanese Tosa-Inu breed.

KATASHI KATSU kennelīs breeding dogs are Asuka Maegashira and Chinzei de Wielie Walie.

Female Asuka - WW, ICh. Ch. Asuka Maegashira comes from Czech breeding kennel.

Male Chinzei - Ch. JCh. Chinyei de Wielie Walie was imported from Portugese breeding kennel.

They are both ideal representatives of this breed, either in the way of their nature, exterior quality and character but also in many other ways.

As they are without relation for many generations and have very good health results, they are ideal candidates for the revitalization of the blood of Tosa-Inu breed.

WW'11, C.I.B., Ch. Asuka Maegashira

Ch., JCh. Chinzei de Wiele Walie

foto - Asuka a Chinzei

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